Tatem Fowler Public Relations

Tatem Fowler Public Relations is a boutique agency located in Malibu, Los Angeles. TFPR specializes in lifestyle and beauty PR.

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Agency founders Kate Tatem and Karissa Fowler bring a combined two decades of PR experience -- including work in the beauty, lifestyle, fashion/accessories, restaurant/hospitality and non-profit industries -- to TFPR. Kate and Karissa are passionate about discovering new trends and promoting great products. They offer a hands-on, collaborative approach to communications, providing every client with personalized attention and services that go well beyond traditional PR. They are digital enthusiasts, helping brands to cultivate blogger/influencer programs and building businesses through their [current] favorite social platform Instagram. They continue to develop and create exciting new comprehensive campaigns for both world-renowned businesses and niche, growing brands.

Often referred to as the "K's" by clients, K & K have a lot in common. In addition to their passion for growing lifestyle product brands, both got married in Yosemite, love a fruity Cabernet and are self-proclaimed foodies with affection for vegan fare and a great slice of pizza.

Kate spends her free time DIY home renovating, reading and cooking. Her top vacation recommendation for photography enthusiasts like herself is Iceland, and she loves animals -- her pets include a Maine Coon cat named Mookie, two goldendoodles named Bodhi and Penny, and six chickens.

Karissa loves hiking, dark chocolate and biographical podcasts and documentaries. Her favorite place of recent travels is the Dalmatian Coast, Croatia, and her husband thinks she might be addicted to Snapchat and Instagram.